T-Shirt & Hoodie Designs

Check out our official T-Shirt and Hoodie designs for FFX!   Hoodies and T-Shirts are available online until Jan. 6, 2018. You can purchase your T-Shirt or Hoodie when you register. If you have already registered, log into your smash.gg account to add a T-Shirt or Hoodie to your registration. Limited quantities of the T-Shirt … Continued

SNK e-Sports – Official Sponsor of Frosty Faustings X

We are happy to announce that SNK eSports is an official sponsor of Frosty Faustings X! Through their support program, they are providing a $500 pot bonus for King of Fighters XIV!   In addition, they have sent over some amazing prizes for our KOFXIV tournament winners! First place of the KOFXIV tournament will be … Continued

Aksys Games – Official Sponsor of Frosty Faustings X

We here at Frosty Faustings are very excited to announce sponsor support from Aksys Games! Aksys has been a long time sponsor of past Frosty Faustings events and is continuing to help support our event again in 2018! Being the publisher of many incredible games, including Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2, BlazBlue Central Fiction and … Continued

Team Tournament Rules Updates

Frosty Faustings X Team Tournament Rules Registration Players may pre-register for team tournaments at Frosty Faustings X up until the cutoff date of Friday, 1/12/2018. Players will initially register as individual players and pay for only their personal portion of the entry fee ($10). Once registered, players may use their dashboard on smash.gg to form … Continued

Frosty Faustings X – Official After Party!

Frosty Faustings X is a 2 day event spanning all day Friday and Saturday. We adopted this format to allow people to have a relaxing Sunday where they can comfortably travel home without taking time off of work or classes on Monday and plan flexible travel. For those players who will be sticking around on … Continued