Frosty Faustings: Freesia – Official After Party!

Frosty Faustings IX is a 2 day event spanning all day Friday and Saturday. We adopted this format to allow people to have a relaxing Sunday where they can comfortably travel home without taking time off of work or classes on Monday and plan flexible travel. For those players who will be sticking around on Sunday after FF is over, we have organized our official after party, Frosty Faustings: Freesia, or FFF, with a full day of games, great local food and more!



Ignite Gaming Lounge

3341 N. Elston Ave. Chicago, IL 60618

(free parking on street and in lot)

Full 360 degree view of venue


Party Time: Sunday, January 29th, from 12:00 noon until 9:00 PM

Ignite is a gaming lounge that hosts weekly locals for Chicago’s fighting game community and is a big supporter of the FGC! We have reserved some table space with monitors for this event and players are welcome to bring any consoles they would like to set up for games! There will also be consoles provided by Frosty Faustings staff! Any games are welcome!


Food Option Selects

Ignite Snack Bar: Ignite Gaming Lounge hosts a snack food and beverage bar with many delicious hot and cold offerings.

Kuma’s Corner: Hands down the best burger restaurant. PERIOD. Not only do the burgers use extremely unique combinations of ingredients on a pretzel bun, every burger is named after a rock or metal band! Kuma’s is the Guilty Gear of burgers. Tons of craft beer on tap. Less than 5 minutes walk from Ignite, takeout available. *

Honey Butter Fried Chicken: Some of the most delicious fried chicken and comfort food around. The mac n’ cheese is godlike! Just a couple blocks down the street from Ignite! Also does takeout or dine in with some good beer.*

*Please note that Ignite has recently changed their policy on outside food. No outside food is permitted. If getting takeout, please eat outside of Ignite.


Live Stream: This event will be streamed live on by Will English. We will also have a seating and viewing area with large screen.

(Stream times and scheduled programming TBA)


Prizes: There will be some prizes from our sponsors to be won and all attendees of the FF after party are eligible! All attendees will receive a raffle ticket upon entering, Raffle will take place after the Red vs Blue Xrd tournament listed below.


Entry Fee: Door charge is $10 for all day unlimited event console play with exit and re-entry privileges using your wrist band.


After Party Content

Casuals free play: Frosty Faustings: Freesia is a great opportunity to get sets in with players from other regions that you may not have time to during Frosty Faustings. Take this opportunity to learn tough matchups, become more familiar with the play styles of top players, or just have fun hitting buttons!


Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator Red vs Blue Team Tournament: Open to all party attendees and free to enter! Tentative Start Time: 4:00 PM CST

Two team captains will be selected to form teams among all players. Captains will take turns choosing members of their team among those who wish to participate until all participants have been selected. Team captains will choose who to send up first for their team and a single match will be played (2/3 rounds). When the member of one team is defeated, that team will send up their next player while the winning player will remain on the game station. This process will be repeated until one team is completely eliminated. Pre-registration is not required for this event. Team captains will be the 2 highest placing players in the GGXrd Revelator singles tournament at FFIX in attendance. The winning team will have chances to win more, free prizes!


Exhibition matches: There will be exhibition matches scheduled for the event. These are still being planned and will be updated and announced with information on which games and players will be playing exhibition sets.


Other side tournaments: Other side tournaments are also being planned and will be announced once confirmed.



Getting to Ignite from the FF venue: The distance is a little less than 25 miles. If you don’t have a car, we suggest finding other FF attendees who are planning to go from the hotel and splitting an Uber or cab for a low cost trip. You can also try catching a ride with some local players who have space in their car. If you plan ahead, getting to Ignite should be inexpensive and fairly easy.


Getting to O’Hare Airport from Ignite: Walk (15 mins) or get a ride (5 min drive) to the Addison CTA Blue Line Station. From there, you can take a CTA train for $3 directly to O’Hare airport. Travel time on CTA is about 20 minutes. You can also take a cab / Uber from Ignite which is about 12 miles to O’Hare.


Getting to Midway Airport from Ignite: Walk (15 mins) or get a ride (4 min drive) to the Belmont CTA Blue Line Station located at Belmont and Kimball. From there, you can take a CTA train to Clark/Lake station and transfer to an Orange Line train which can take you directly to Midway Airport. The train fare costs $3 and travel time on CTA is about 50 minutes. You can also take a cab / Uber from Ignite which is about 15 miles to Midway.


While Sunday afternoon traffic usually isn’t too bad, please allow yourself enough time to catch your flight as Chicago traffic can be unpredictable!


For any additional questions or concerns regarding this event, please contact us at or on twitter @frostyfaustings




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