Team Tournament Rules Updates

Frosty Faustings X Team Tournament Rules

Players may pre-register for team tournaments at Frosty Faustings X up until the cutoff date of Friday,
1/12/2018. Players will initially register as individual players and pay for only their personal portion of
the entry fee ($10). Once registered, players may use their dashboard on to form teams with
other registered players, or invite unregistered players to register and join.
Team creation options will be left open for the duration of the weekend before FFX and will be cut off
end of day, Sunday 1/14/2018. If you do not have a full team registered at the time off team creation
cut off, Frosty Faustings staff will do our best to team you up with another player(s) who also does not
have a team in order to create as many full teams as possible. Any solo players left without a team on
the day of the event will have the option of either entering as a solo player, or finding teammate(s) to
have registered on their team on site, before the team tournament starts.


Changes to Teams On-site
If a player finds out that their teammate is unable to make it in time for their pool start time, that player
may opt to play the tournament solo but the missing teammate will be unable to join at a later time. If
the present player is able to find a replacement teammate 20 minutes BEFORE the pool starts, the
player and new teammate may change their team registration with FF registration staff. Any players
who become solo players as a result of team changes will automatically be paired with any other solo
players remaining at that time.


Checking In
All members of each team must check in with the bracket judge prior to the start time of the team
tournament. Once a team checks in, all members of the team must be physically present once their
match begins. If a match is called and a player is unable to find his teammate, the bracket judge will give
a grace period of 15 minutes to locate the teammate. If the teammate is unable to be found by the
cutoff, the team with the missing player will be sent to the losers bracket (or completely eliminated if
already in losers bracket). Bracket judges will not enforce the 15 minute rule if the missing teammate
has informed the judge that he/she is playing a match in another tournament that was scheduled at the
same time, but it is the responsibility of the players to inform bracket judges about any potential
scheduling conflicts.


Solo Play
Solo play is only possible in GGXrd Rev 2, Tekken 7 and Street Fighter V teams. One person teams are
unable to participate in Gundam Versus, Smash Wii U or Melee teams. If an odd player is left and is
unable to be paired with a teammate, that player will be refunded their $10 entry fee for the team
tournament. Solo players GGXrd Rev 2, Tekken 7 and Street Fighter V team tournaments will only
happen if an odd number of players are left over and FF staff is unable to form a full team with
remaining solo players. The solo player will be required to defeat all members of the opposing team by
himself without taking any losses (OCV). If the solo player is able to place high enough to be entitled to
prize money, all prize money will go to the solo player instead of just a fraction of the amount which
would normally be split evenly among teammates. However, for a 1 person team in a 2v2 tournament
$10 will be taken out of the solo player’s prize money in order to cover the tournament registration fee
that would have gone into the prize pool, for each teammate that is missing so that the amount of prize
money earned is equally proportional to the entry money paid. In the case of a 1 player team in SFV 3v3,
$20 will be taken out, and in the case of a 2 player team in the SFV 3v3, $5 will be taken out of each of
the 2 players’ prize money for the same reasons listed above.