Frosty Faustings XIV Cosplay Rules & Contest Cancelation

Unfortunately, this year we will not be holding an official cosplay contest at Frosty Faustings for a number of different reasons.

We really love and appreciate all the cosplayers that come to Frosty Faustings every year and we still want to see your costumes!

Cosplay is still very much welcomed at the event, but we simply ask that you please follow the guidelines below.


Frosty Faustings XIV Cosplay Rules & Information:

  1. All cosplayers must still follow the same COVID-19 precautions and rules stated on This includes wearing a mask at all times. If your costume has a mask as part of the costume, you must still wear your regular, protective mask under it for your safety and everyone else’s safety.
  2. All costumes must not contain any profanity, extreme violence, or sexually explicit acts. All cosplay must remain PG-13. 
  3. No flash pots or explosive devices. No petals, confetti, silly string, or any devices that will require clean up afterward.
  4. We will not allow any weapons to be carried. Frosty Faustings LLC prohibits the possession or use of firearms, knives, fireworks, explosives, ammunition, chemical weapons, or any other weapons not listed, during the entire event, including all event spaces and hotel spaces. Props may be subject to inspection by security or event staff.
  5. A staff photographer may document your Cosplay at Frosty Faustings XIV. You agree that your likeness and image may be documented in photo and video by Frosty Faustings XIV staff and used in future Frosty Faustings XIV website, social media outlets, and other promotional materials.
  6. All attendees must have their Frosty Faustings badge present and on their person to enter event spaces.


Thank you very much for your cooperation and understanding and we look forward to seeing more amazing cosplay at Frosty Faustings!