Updated Covid Precautions, Food and Beverage Policy, & Magnolia Ballroom/Socially Distanced Cafeteria – Frosty Faustings XIV

Updated Covid Precautions, Food and Beverage Policy, & Magnolia Ballroom/Cafeteria – Frosty Faustings XIV

We’ve added some new precautions to our Covid Policy. We take safety very seriously and hope this provides some reassurance. 

Frosty Faustings will not be allowing any food or beverage (except water) to be consumed or purchased inside any of our gaming ballrooms. 

We realize that many people will not feel comfortable leaving the venue to dine in another restaurant that is not vaccine only and may not allow for physically distanced tables. For this reason, we will still be offering on-site concessions in the foyer of Magnolia Ballroom. 

  • Masks MUST be worn while waiting in line for concessions. 
  • If you are staying on-property, we request that you take your food back to your room to enjoy eating, without your mask, in the safety of your room. 
  • For attendees who are staying off-property or who don’t have a hotel room, we will be dedicating our 3,000 sq.ft. Magnolia Ballroom for attendees to quickly eat and drink. 

You are NOT required to enter this room. If you choose to eat or drink inside Magnolia you are assuming all risks associated with indoor dining with people not masked in your vicinity. 

Magnolia Ballroom Rules:

  1. Masks must be worn upon entry, while at your table if you are not eating/drinking, and when you exit the room. 
  2. Please do not linger in this room. For the safety of all guests, please do not use this space to hang out. Please quickly find a table to eat, enjoy your food and drink, and then exit. If you are looking to hang out with your buddies while eating or drinking, please go to your hotel room. 
  3. Tables will be spaced 10 feet apart. Do not move them. 
  4. The ballroom will be mostly standing room only. The majority of tables will be high-boys without chairs for guests to eat quickly and leave. To accommodate our guests with physical needs, we will have some small tables around the perimeter with a few chairs per table. Please save these for guests who may not be able to stand while eating. 

In addition to Magnolia Ballroom, we will have a marketplace that sells convenience store items. Any food or beverages purchased here will follow the same rules as concessions and will not be allowed in the gaming ballrooms. While many options for good food exist around the area, we would appreciate your patronage of food and beverage from vendors inside the venue.

We thank you for understanding and complying with our food and beverage policies.