Matcherino – Frosty Faustings XVI 2024

Frosty Faustings XVI now has Matcherino pages for all 24 of our Main Tournaments! You can help contribute to our prize pools now, and coupon codes are ALSO LIVE for you to contribute to the prize pool completely for FREE! All of the money will go directly to the top placing players. Scroll down, find … Continued

Cosplay Contest at Frosty Faustings XVI 2024!

FROSTY FAUSTINGS IS BRINGING THE COSPLAY! Cosplay Contest produced by Vitamin D Prizing provided by Splendid Treasures / The Colosseum   BRING YOUR BEST FOR A CHANCE AT BEING ONE OF OUR SIX COSPLAY FINALISTS: 1. Best Arc System Works Character 2. Best Fighting Game Character 3. Best Video Game Character 4. Best Anime Character … Continued

After Party at Frosty Faustings XVI 2024

Frosty Faustings XVI holds the main event tournaments across 2-days (Friday and Saturday). Thursday is a day for everyone to get their badges and play some casuals. On Sunday, we have a full-day after party, which takes place after all main tournaments have ended. We adopted this format to allow people to have a relaxing … Continued

Code of Conduct

Frosty Faustings has always enforced our own Code of Conduct for years, which was agreed upon by every registered attendee. We formally support the Fighting Game Code of Conduct (FGCoC). We thank them for all of their hard work and commitment to this ideal. As for FF, it does not change what you can or … Continued