Code of Conduct

Frosty Faustings has always enforced our own Code of Conduct for years, which was agreed upon by every registered attendee. We formally support the Fighting Game Code of Conduct (FGCoC). We thank them for all of their hard work and commitment to this ideal.
As for FF, it does not change what you can or can not do at FF events, but expands on the mission and further helps achieve the goal of providing a safe and inclusive event for everyone.
Among the governing signatories are 4 members of FF Staff: MeLoDe, PuppySwarm, Seph, Mr. Gu. Had someone violated the official FF CoC at past events, they would have brought it to our attention then, and the results would be the same as they are now under the new CoC. FF has always been serious about the safety and well-being of our guests, and the FGCoC provides further clarity and consistency towards that goal.
View the entire FGCoC at
This new FGCoC does not replace the FF Attendee Agreement and CoC that was agreed to when registering. The FGCoC is is an expansion of our existing guidelines that must be followed.