After Party at Frosty Faustings XVI 2024

Frosty Faustings XVI holds the main event tournaments across 2-days (Friday and Saturday). Thursday is a day for everyone to get their badges and play some casuals. On Sunday, we have a full-day after party, which takes place after all main tournaments have ended. We adopted this format to allow people to have a relaxing Sunday where they can comfortably travel home without taking time off of work or classes on Monday and plan flexible travel, without having to worry about missing any of the main tournaments. For those players who will be sticking around on Sunday after the main events are over, we will continue the tradition of our official after party, ON-SITE AT THE VENUE, WITH ADMISSION ALREADY INCLUDED IN EVERY BADGE!



Party Time: Sunday, January 28th, from 10:00 AM until 10:00 PM

Location: THE ENTIRE WESTIN VENUE! That’s right, we will now have all ballrooms INCLUDING the Grand Ballroom open for the entire after party!

Live Streams: This event will be have 3 live streams


Casuals free play: We will have many setups for several different fighting games, including all of our major titles, and please feel free to bring your own setup if there is a specific game you want to play. It’s a great opportunity to get sets in with players from other regions that you may not have time to during tournament hours. Take this opportunity to learn tough matchups, become more familiar with the play styles of other players, or just have fun hitting buttons! All games are welcome!

Food and Drinks: There will be concessions with food as well as a bar with both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages for sale. Please drink and mash responsibly!


After Party Programming

Tekken 8 Preview Tournament: Open to all after-party attendees!

Console: PS5

Cap: 256 players

Times: 11:00 AM start. 7:00 PM Estimated end time

Entry: $10


• 3/5 Rounds, 2/3 Matches, 60 Seconds, double elimination
• 3/5 Games for WF, LF & Grand Finals
• 256 Player Cap
• Character Customizations: Off


Tekken 8 comes out on Friday, January 26th, which is the first day of our main tournament games. In order for us to run Tekken 8 as a main game along with our other main games, it would require the 2 full days, and we would require at least a full day to prepare. In order to avoid a situation where things do not run smoothly for our attendees and our staff, we have made the decision that it would not be possible to run Tekken 8 as a main title on Friday and Saturday this time. However, we wanted to include it in the event in some way, since we know many Tekken players will be hungry to try it out for the first time. After our Tekken 7 main tournament concludes on Friday night, we will be replacing Tekken 7 setups with Tekken 8 setups so that players can enjoy using them to play casuals throughout the rest of the weekend. On Sunday, we will feature a Tekken 8 Preview Tournament bracket with limited capacity for players who will be sticking around on Sunday. The event will be streamed on main stage in our Grand Ballroom with awards for the top finishers. Between playing casuals and entering the open bracket on Sunday, we hope our attendees are able to get plenty of time with Tekken 8 throughout the weekend.



Guilty Gear Strive: Red vs Blue Team Tournament: Open to all after-party attendees and free to enter!

Console: PS4 Pro

Time: 12:30 PM CST

Entry: Free

We will be running another event in the same style as previous years as per Frosty tradition! Team names TBD! The captains will be the 2 highest placing participants from our main GG Strive singles tournament that decide to participate in this event. Team members will be chosen dodge-ball style from the list of sign-ups. Captains will take turns picking teammates until no one is left. Each team picks a player to go first, they play a first to one. The losing player’s captain picks the next player to challenge the winner. This process will repeat until only one team has players remaining. 


Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2: Red vs Blue Team Tournament: Open to all after-party attendees and free to enter!

Console: PS4 Pro

Time: 12:30 PM CST

Entry: Free

The classic after-party event returns! This is the same as the Strive event described above but for Xrd! All of the same rules apply.


Both the Strive and Xrd REV 2 team events happen at the same time in the same room, so it is possible, and even encouraged, for players to enter both!


Guilty Gear Charity Event

Krackatoa will be hosting another Guilty Gear charity event to raise money for Doctors Without Borders. We will update with more specific information soon!


Vortex Gallery Tournaments




For any additional questions or concerns regarding this event, please contact us at or on twitter @frostyfaustings