Cosplay Contest at Frosty Faustings XVI 2024!


Cosplay Contest produced by Vitamin D

Prizing provided by Splendid Treasures / The Colosseum



1. Best Arc System Works Character

2. Best Fighting Game Character

3. Best Video Game Character

4. Best Anime Character

5. Best Pop Culture Character

6. Judges Choice Award


– The Grand Champion takes home a $250 Cash Prize, Official FFXVI 2024 Trophy and Cosplay Grand Champion Medal

– Remaining 5 finalists each receives a $100 cash prize and Cosplay Finalist Medal

– Each Finalist receives 1 Custom Bracelet from Splendid Treasures

– Each Finalist receives a starter Content Creator Kit from The Colosseum

– Each Finalist receives a $20 Meal Voucher to the Westin Lombard

– Each Finalist will get the chance to embody their character live on stage and stream for the fans!



Costume Craftsmanship: Contestants will show off their craftsmanship. Costumes will be assessed on construction quality, cleanliness of seams, and attention to detail. Contestants are encouraged to show off all handmade elements of their costume. Commissioned or purchased costumes can enter for stage presentation, but are not eligible for prizes.

Overall Showmanship: Show us your spirit! This score is based on how well you embody the persona of the character through body language, posing, and speech.

Creative Process: Tell us how you made your costume. Describe what mediums, tools, or techniques you used on your project. Let us know your character’s back story and why you chose this outfit! This is where you can let the judges know why this character is your favorite. 


SCHEDULE (all times in Central time)

On-Site Registration from 11am – 2:30pm on Saturday, January 27th.

Judging takes place on Saturday, January 27th between 3pm – 5pm at a predetermined allotted time. Please check in at the Costumers With A Cause Booth in the Artist Alley to receive your judging appointment.

Cosplay Contest Stage Show and Awards Ceremony will take place at 6pm on the FFXVI Grand Ballroom Stage.

Cosplay Contest Awards Will be streamed on:


All Cosplay Contest participants must register for Frosty Faustings XVI as either a competitor or spectator.

Normal Registration ($120) until December 31st.
Late Registration ($135) until January 14th.
Normal Registration ($90) until December 31st.
Late Registration ($105) until January 14th.

Register for Frosty Fausting XVI on


Thank you for your interest in participating in the Frosty Faustings XVI 2024  Cosplay Contest! To help familiarize you with our criteria and judging process, here are our rules. 

Frosty Faustings XVI Cosplay Rules & Information:

  1.   Individual cosplay entries only are permitted. No group or couple entries will be eligible. Exceptions will be made for children under the age of 10 accompanied by an adult in costume.
  2.   Costume must be at LEAST 25% made by the wearer to qualify for entry. Tell us how you crafted your outfit! Premade suits and commissioned costumes may enter for fun, but will not qualify for prizes. Discretion on what qualifies lies with the Frosty Faustings judges.
  3.   Presentations must not contain any profanity, extreme violence, or sexually explicit acts. All skits must remain PG-13. The Director reserves the right to remove contestants who violate these limits.
  4.   All contestants under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult at all times; if not, they will be disqualified from the contest.
  5.   No flash pots or explosive devices. No petals, confetti, silly string, or any devices that will require clean up afterwards.
  6.   If you plan to carry a weapon, you must conform to the following: No live blade knives,  swords, handguns of any kind and no loaded weapons whatsoever. No airsoft rifles or realistic firearms (this is for everyone’s safety!).  No whips may be used onstage.  You must demonstrate that you can carry the weapon without injury to yourself or others. Transportation of weapons to and from the Masquerade must follow the convention’s weapon policy. Props must be inspected and peace bonded by security staff.
  7.   Props and costumes must be carried on and off the stage by the contestant. If your props require more people to move them, you will have to provide the manpower. When you register for the contest, you must tell us you need helpers. If a contestant cannot get on the stage due to size or weight of the costume, even with assistance, then they will be disqualified.
  8.   A staff photographer will be documenting the Cosplay Contest for Frosty Faustings XVI. By entering this contest, you agree that your likeness and image may be documented in photo and video by Frosty Faustings XVI staff and used in future Frosty Faustings XVI website, social media outlets, and other promotion materials 
  9. All entrants must have their Frosty Faustings XVI badge present and on their person to participate in the cosplay contest.

Every costume is specially crafted not only by foam, resin, or thread, but love and heart!
January 27th is Your day to take the stage by storm, and we hope to see you there!


Host + Master of Ceremonies : Vitamin D
FB: @Vitamin D Cosplay IG: @VitaminDCosplay
Small Bio: Vitamin D’s passion for cosplay and gym stems from comics, video games, and merriment of young and old that he delivers at cons when in character. He has modeled for two Magic the Gathering Cards: “Tither Taker”, and “The Fabled Hero”. When he’s not lifting and cosplaying, he is catching Pokemon, or playing Ring Fit.
Follow him and his Cosplay Crew:


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